Japanese is a tough language to learn, but you don't have to do it alone.

Let us guide you through how to learn Japanese, staying motivated and choosing a language school.

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2 Ebooks to Jump Start your Japanese

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10 Ways to kickstart your japanese
Free Japanese Study Ap
Picture of a Girl New to Japan

Beginner Guide to Japanese

Picture of Japanese Tatami Room to show someone who knows Japan but not an expert

Intermediate Guide to Japanese

Picture of Mt. Fuji to describe the top level of Japanese

Advanced Guide to Japanese

Guides : Japanese Skills

Guide to Japanese Kanji

Guide to Japanese Speaking

Guide to Japanese Reading

Guide to Japanese Vocabulary

Guide to Japanese Listening

Guide to Japanese Slang

Guides : How to Learn Japanese

Guide to the Best Learning Apps

Guide to Japanese Youtube

Guide to Japanese Textbooks

Guide to Learning Online for Free

Japanese Vocab chang 5

Online or Offline Lessons at Our School

Japanese Language School 7

Visa Sponsorship Japanese School List


Guide to Japanese Language Schools

A picture of a Japanese Mon that is far away. Similar to learning Japanese. Far away reward but a great reward

You Sure You Want to Learn Japanese?

Japanese Courses in Tokyo

Finding a Japanese Language Community

Japanese Language Journeys

Learn from fellow foreigners who have excelled in learning Japanese. Discover how they learned Japanese and how it has impacted their life.

Tyson the Successful Entrepreneur

Tyson shares his story on getting N1 and starting a successful business in Japan.

The Most Affordable Morning Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

In addition to providing awesome articles on BFF Tokyo, we also provide affordable online and offline morning Japanese lessons.

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The BFF Tokyo Guide to How to Learn Japanese

learnjapanese.bfftokyo.com has been our passion project to help foreigners start from a beginner level of Japanese and having no idea what to do to reaching an N2 or N1 level of Japanese.


A very tiny minority of people have the sheer will power to force through and make it all the way to N1 completely on their own, but this is only a tiny minority. Our guides have been designed to help people of all levels of motivation and skills to learn Japanese. There is no one way to learn Japanese, so we have focused on providing multiple different viewpoints to help you find YOUR WAY on how to learn Japanese.


You can find articles on Japanese learning apps, YouTube videos, and how to learn the various skills involved in language like speaking, reading, kanji, listening, and vocabulary. We also provide articles on how to make it to the next level above you. For example, how to learn Japanese as beginner or intermediate or advanced learner.


For those who need a Japanese language school to help keep you committed to a routine or program, we provide articles on how to choose a Japanese language school and our reviews of schools in Tokyo. For those who want to make friends and build connections with native speakers, we also provide article on how to learn Japanese through joining a Japanese Language Community.


We wish you the best of luck on your Japanese learning adventure and we recommended come back from time to time to look for updates and improvements in our resources.