The Beginner Guide to Learning Japanese

Welcome to the start of your long but rewarding journey to learning the Japanese language. Many of your fellow adventures do not make it to the promise land of fluent Japanese, but let us guide you there based on our experience in achieving intermediate to advance level Japanese.

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You Can Do It

Japanese is tough but believe in yourself and do not give up friend!

Videos for Beginner Students

Here are some videos to get you started in learning Japanese from our buddies at Udon Classroom.

Beginner Lesson 1

Lesson 1 : Topics

Here is a video on Japanese pronouns, which are things like this, that, he, and she.

Beginner Japanese Lesson 2

Lesson 2 : Subjects

Here is a video on Japanese subjects and your first introduction to pronouns.

Beginner Japanese Lessons 3

Lesson 3 : Possession

Here is a video on Japanese possessions. Learn things like my, your, and theirs.

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Learn Japanese in Tokyo

Affordable speaking based Japanese lessons in Tokyo for English speakers.

In addition to providing awesome articles on how to learn Japanese, we also offer affordable morning lessons in Tokyo.


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