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Why Create a Large Free Website on Learning Japanese?

BFF Tokyo is dedicated to sharing the joy of learning Japanese.

To accomplish this goal, we have created many guides for English speakers on how to learn the Japanese language. Whether you need support on how to self-study Japanese or how to choose a Japanese language school in Japan, we aim to provide ridiculously informative and free guides which have all the information you need in one place.

The most important thing is to provide access to great information on how to learn Japanese for free. There are many good websites and content producers out there,  but often times most of the good content is behind a paywall. I believe learning content creators should be compensated financially, but the how to of learning Japanese should be made free and accessible to all.

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Who is the BFF Tokyo Team

Our language section ultimate guides were written by English speakers with an intermediate to advanced level of a Japanese. None of us had the advantages of knowing how to read Kanji (Chinese) or speaking a language with a similar grammar structure (Korean and Mongolian). Similar to you, we had to start from zero and have had to work hard to learn Japanese.

We hope to share these experiences and tips to help you learn Japanese faster. We have discovered some of the short cuts and have shared them with you in our articles. Additionally, we have attended Japanese language schools and know many foreigners who have and we bring this knowledge to help you find the right school.

Can I Really Learn Japanese

Japanese is DAMN tough to learn, but with perseverance you can learn Japanese as well. I was able to reach N2 through self study and as someone who got a D in Japanese in high school, if I can do it than you can do it too.

Someone people learn Japanese through speaking and using it all the time. Other like to learn on their own first before going out into the world and using it. Whatever your style of learning a language, we have contents in our guide to pick and choose to add to your Japanese language acquisition strategy plan.

Foreigners have many misconceptions and the main one that holds us back is the belief that Japanese is a really hard language to learn. Japanese is not a technically challenging language to learn because many elements of the language like spelling, pronunciation, and grammar is more logical and less random than other languages. Japanese is a tough language to learn because it is time consuming and requires more than 4 times the investment as other European languages. The main reason for this is Japanese characters.

We talk a lot about misconceptions foreigners have about learning Japanese in our guide to "What you got to know about learning Japanese before you start."

Despite the challenges to learning Japanese, once you reach a high level of fluency you will open your mind to a unique way of perceiving the world that is different than the American, British, European background we have.


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