Top 10 Best Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

By Abdulai Lateef | Updated October 07, 2020

Ever wanted to know the Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo? This article is part of our guides on finding the right Japanese language school in Tokyo.

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    Congratulations! you have arrived in Japan; The country of the rising sun. Are you already fitting in perfectly or are you having a hard time communicating? One of the first things you have to do so that you can get settled perfectly into your life in Japan is to learn the Japanese language.

    Have you already had a walk down the street and wondered why you do not understand anything someone says to you? Have you not been able to ask for directions because no one speaks English? Have you gone to the supermarket and can not ask where a certain product is because you do not know how?

    Well do not worry, your problems will be solved shortly. Below are the top 10 best Japanese schools in Tokyo for foreigners that can help you speak like a native and enjoy your life in Japan. Feel free to go through all of them and select your best fit!

    Coto Academy

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 1. Coto Japanese Language Academy

    Coto Academy is a good choice for:

    • Students interested in taking the JLPT exam
    • Those who want to study in small size classes
    • Tho who want to learn practical and fun Japanese you can use in your daily life
      Students who want to learn on a flexible schedule.
    • Those who want to study intensively to improve their Japanese skills.

    The first school on the list of Japanese Language schools in Tokyo is Coto Japanese Language Academy. Established in 2000, Coto Japanese Language Academy has been teaching Japanese to international residents of Tokyo and Yokohama and their families for over 20 years. Based on their goal: Your growth is our goal, they have established five types of schedules to fit everyone who is willing to improve their Japanese skills. These schedules are part-time Japanese lessons, JLPT preparation courses, private lessons, part-time Japanese courses + JLPT prep courses (Yokohama School), and online lessons.

    Coto Japanese language academy has so many outstanding features and some of these are: students get many speaking practice opportunities, small class sizes (maximum of 8 people) which allow for relational learning and personalized attention, industry-leading in-house developed course materials (Nihongo Fun & Easy) teaches practical and fun Japanese you can use in your daily life. Also, flexible scheduling allows you to study on any schedule, free course consultation and level checks ensure you get a lesson plan that matches your needs, multiple locations and online lessons allow you to keep studying even if you move.

    Coto Japanese Language Academy is located in Tokyo and Yokohama, two of the biggest cities in Japan.

    If you are looking to take the JLPT exams, intensive or take Japanese lessons online, look no further than Coto Academy.



    Affordable Online and Offline Morning Lessons in Tokyo

    In addition to providing great content at BFF Tokyo, we also provide good and affordable Japanese lessons


    BFF discount no date
    • Affordable Japanese lessons
    • Monthly contracts
    • No entrance fees
    • No hidden fees
    • 200+ students
    • Online or offline lessons

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 2. Japan Switch

    Japan Switch is a good choice for:

    • Those who would like cheaper Japanese lessons.
    • Those who do not want to pay enrollment fees.
    • Those who do not want long-term contracts (1-month contract)
    • Those looking for teachers who can speak English and used to help English speakers.
    • Those looking for a relaxed and supportive environment

    Are you looking to study Japanese at the cheapest cost in Tokyo? The cost of living in Tokyo is expensive so Japan Switch Tokyo has made its classes cheaper for you to learn while you save money. Japan Switch is one of the best Japanese language schools in Tokyo for foreigners.

    Their cheap cost coupled with friendly and supportive methods of learning makes it your best shot at improving your communication in Japanese while not cutting a hole in your wallet.

    Friendly teachers and good textbooks, Monthly Contracts, events, and support from the community are but just a few examples of the outstanding features of this spectacular school.

    Since Japan Switch school is not a government authorized language school, they cannot help you with visa issues but they offer offline and online Japanese lessons with a flexible schedule for beginners to N3 level. They do not offer JLPT classes but can help you start speaking Japanese from day 1.

    For more information, please visit Japan Switch Tokyo. There is also no charge for enrollment or hidden fees. Trust me, if you want your Japanese Language skills to improve in no time, Japan Switch is your best investment!

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 3. Shibuya Gaigo

    Shibuta Gaigo is recommended for:

    • Students who want to study other languages with Japanese as a priority.
    • Those who want to study and experience the culture of the local community in Shibuya.
    • Those who are interested in field trips and international exchange programs.
    • Students who want to JLPT N5, N4, and N3.
    • Students who want Visa assistance and want to learn speaking.

    Have you heard of the most famous landmark called "The Shibuya Scramble"? How do you feel studying close to such a famous location? Shibuya Gaigo has been teaching Japanese language and several other international languages to foreign and Japanese students. They have 12 languages in total with Japanese as the priority.

    Shibuya Gaigo has provided the opportunity to study the immersive language and cultural exchange experience as you get the chance to meet local people learning different languages. Shibuya Gaigo also organizes international exchange programs on a regular basis, as well as cultural activities and field trips to help you practice and improve your conversation skills.

    Shibuya Gaigo also focuses on JLPT preparations and can help you improve your language skills from N5 to N3 in just 6 months. Shibuya Gaigo also offers accommodations for students in Tokyo as well. For more information, visit Shibuya Gaigo.

    Shibuya Gaigo is a good choice for someone looking for a visa and wants to learn speaking. They also have many western students, so you can move at an achievable pace.

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 4. Kai Language School

    Kai Language School is a good choice for:

    • Those who want to study the Japanese way of life through the Japanese language
    • Students who are interested in learning Korean culture in the community.
    • A student who wants to take the JPLT exam.
    • Students who are looking for Visa sponsorships

    Founded in 1987, Kai Language School is your best choice if you are looking to study the Japanese language as well as the way of life in Japan.

    Located in the epicenter of Korean culture in Tokyo, the community is best suited to practicing your Japanese while learning something new about culture. Kai language school also takes everyone regardless of age and prior Japanese level.

    If you want to do a part-time or full-time job in Japan, Kai Language School offers assistance to its students too. They also help you prepare for your JLPT exams. If you want to achieve N2 or N1 as fast as possible and want an intense paced school, Kai is a good choice.

    Kai language school also sponsors student visas to those who are interested in studying and living in Tokyo for more than 3 months. For more details please visit Kai Language School now!

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    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 5. Akamonkai

    Akamonkai is a good choice for:

    • Those want to student an intensive curriculum in Japanese
    • Those who want accommodations while they study
    • Those who are looking for part-time or full-time employment support
    • Those are focussed on pass all levels of the JLPT.
    • Those who want Visa sponsorships are also welcome.

    Akamonkai has been teaching Japanese to students since 1985. Over this period of time, they have helped students acquire a good number of results in a short period of time.
    Akamonkai has an intensive curriculum that is designed to fit students who want to achieve good results over a short period of time.

    The school also offers low priced courses in Tokyo, they have different varieties that range from beginners, intermediate, advanced, and business level courses. Apart from offering accommodation, Akamonkai also offers support for finding full-time/part-time employment in Tokyo or throughout Japan.

    Akamonkai’s focus is on entering Japanese university and passing the JLPT test, so more lessons are focused on test preparation than speaking. They also sponsor student visas to those who are interested in studying and living in Tokyo for more than 3 months.

    Akamonkai is a good choice for those who want a visa, cheaper priced lessons, job hunting support. It is worthy to note that they have many Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese students so be prepared to move at a super-fast pace with them.

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    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 6. Naganuma Japanese language school

    Naganuma Japanese Language school is a good choice for:

    • Those who want to gain confidence in Japanese communication.
    • Those who are interested in studying other vocations.
    • Those who are looking for Visa and Employment opportunities.
    • Those who are looking for JLPT preparations.

    Founded in 1948, Naganuma Japanese language school has been considered as one of the oldest Japanese language schools in Tokyo.

    The School has always persisted in going beyond just language education, aiming for the self-realization of each of our students with the development of the confidence to communicate effectively through mastery of the language.

    With over 600 students from more than 50 countries, Naganuma Japanese Language School offers a variety of vocation and education-focused programs including JLPT courses, evening courses, business courses, university preparation classes. The school is also approved by the Governor of Tokyo, so it can offer assistance in student visas and employment.

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 7. Yoshida Japanese language school

    Yoshida Japanese Language School is good for:

    • Those who want to study medium-intensive courses
    • Students who want to study close to the famous Waseda University.
    • Those wanting to study JLPT preparatory classes.

    Yoshida Japanese Language School has successfully taught over 4,500 students and has helped them become fluent in Japanese. Founded in 1986 close to Waseda University, they have been providing excellent Japanese language education to foreigners in Tokyo.

    Yoshida Japanese language school is known for its medium-intensive courses, its variety of levels i.e. from beginner to advanced, and also, it is known for its welcoming nature.

    It welcomes all types of students regardless of their background or proficiency. Yoshida Language School focuses on general Japanese courses, entering Japanese universities, and passing the JLPT test. They also offer vocational courses too.

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 8. ISI Japanese language school

    ISI Japanese Language School is a good choice for:

    • Those who want to study flexible Japanese classes
    • Students who are looking for accommodations in Tokyo while they study
    • Students who want short and long term contracts
    • Those who are looking for employment assistance.

    ISI Japanese language school has been offering excellent and high-quality Japanese lessons to students since 1992 all over Tokyo. They have established branches in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano.

    ISI has been able to offer flexible elective classes, High intensive lessons and as a result of their good work, they have been able to help over 1300 students around the world. They offer a variety of 40 different levels from complete beginners to advanced.

    ISI offers support and preparation towards JLPT as well as offer accommodation for students in Tokyo. You can also get employment assistance from ISI Japanese language school too.ISI offers its course on the basis of 3months, 6months, 12months, and 24months contracts.

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 9. We Japanese language school

    We Japanese language school is a good choice for:

    • Those who have specif desires and areas they want to study in Japanese
    • Students who want to take a free trial before deciding their choice of school.
    • Students who want to learn about Japanese culture and other courses.

    Are you looking for a school that meets everyone’s’ goals differently, have a study schedule tailored towards your specific desires, We Japanese language school is your best choice.

    They have courses with wide varieties that range from the scratch course, Kanji & Business Course, Japanese Culture Lovers Course, and personal lessons. You are eligible to have a free trial lesson to see if you are interested in the school.

    They offer offline and online lessons but no JLPT preparations lessons. If you are looking for a school that can help move from beginner to N3 level in Japanese, Japan Switch is the right school for you! Good choice for business lessons and if you are looking for a business.


    Know anyone who has passed N1?
    Want to escape the teaching trap?



    Tyson Batino

    Tyson is the director and a co-founder of Japan Switch and One Coin English. He has spent 15 years in Japan and achieved N1 in just 3.5 years. Listen in as he shares his tips to becoming successful.


    Colten Nahrebesk

    Colten is the owner of Risu Press. He spent 6 years working in various industries in Japan and achieved N2. Tune in to hear more about his experiences and advice for living in Japan.

    Best Japanese language Schools in Tokyo : 10. This Japanese Language school

    This Japanese Language school is a good choice for:

    • Those who want to learn in a non-school format professionally.
    • Those who want to study non-intensively.
    • Those who want to study business Japanese.
    • Those who want to interact with the local community.

    This Japanese language school was created to help foreigners in Japan to effectively learn and study Japanese in Tokyo. With a goal of: 「つながる ひろがる いろんな せかい」(Let’s learn about different “worlds” around you to expand your life!), they offer Japanese lessons in a different format than other schools. This Japanese language school teaches professionally, but not too much school-like. Every student can relax and enjoy their class in a non-intensive method.

    They have categorized their course into three uniques sectors namely: 1.General Study Course, 2. Task Challenge Course and 3. Special Focus Course. For more information about these courses, visit This Japanese language School now!

    This Japanese language School makes the customized hand-outs for each class. Students can bring in any material they would like to learn, too. JLPT preparation and Business Japanese will be arranged in this course as well. For the test preparation, The school will adjust the lesson according to the total amount of time you can make for it and your weakness and strength. For the business Japanese, the school will arrange the contents according to your occupation. Based on whichever suits the students, they are welcome to apply for it.

    As a group, This Japanese Language school joins events and festivals held around Kichijoji, and they organize events and festivals themselves, too. They make opportunities to help students interact with outside people.
    This Japanese language school offers both online and offline lessons

    Best Japanese language school in Tokyo : Choose the Right Japanese Language School

    This article is part of our guides on finding the right Japanese language school in Tokyo. We have create a directory of around 15 - 20 schools and we give you the details on who is the right person for that school and feature reviews from students as well.

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