Top 5 Cheapest Japanese Schools in Tokyo

By Daniel Rhys Coleman | Updated September 07, 2020

This article is part of our guides on finding the right Japanese language school in Tokyo.


Choosing a Japanese language school in Tokyo can be difficult. You’re probably at that stage where you found a school that has the perfect location, and has the most interesting, amazing course. You’re picturing yourself completing the course of your dreams, and then becoming a master of the Japanese language. However, at the end of the day, your final decision will come down to one thing: the price of a course. 

Wondering what schools offer high-quality courses at a cheap price? Here’s a list of our top 5 cheapest schools in Tokyo.

Bonus : Japan Switch Online and Offline Lessons

  • 3000 yen 100 minute group lessons
  • 3000 yen 50 minute private lessons
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Before we jump into the top 5 cheapest full-time Japanese language school programs in Tokyo, we would like to introduce the cheapest part-time program in Tokyo. Japan Switch offers offline lessons on weekdays from 9:30 to 5:00 PM and offers online lessons from 9:00 to 1:00 PM.

A good school for : someone who wants to take one to five lessons a week and wants to save money while at it. Also a good choice for someone who wants to supplement their self-study routine with friendly teachers and a good curriculum.

They provide good lessons focused on improving your speaking skills. Additionally, they are our partners in creating all the guides you see here on learn Japanese.

Not a good school for : someone who wants JLPT or intensive lessons with an intense schedule. Additionally, they only accept students up to N3 because they want to specialize in helping beginner learners turn on their Japan Switch. If you are looking for JLPT lessons or intensive lessons with small class sizes, consider COTO Academy.

1. Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School

6 month course = 440,000¥

The first school on our cheapest Japanese language school list is Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School. Established in 1986, Tokyo Galaxy is very well known for its unique and excellent curriculum. It prides itself on, not only offering a general course, but also offering 100 different optional courses where students personalize their study curriculum in order to achieve their personal goals. 

Tokyo Galaxy guarantees courses where students can reach their objectives in terms of academic progression, future employment, or cultural experience. It is important for students to be well prepared on the study path that they choose so that they can pursue their dreams of living in Japan. 

The school’s location is the perfect place for a peaceful study environment. It is located near local businesses and financial centers, as well as next to the historical atmosphere of the Edo era, with the famous bridge as the starting point of the Edo Five Routes and Tokyo Stock Exchange. On top of that, their building is a solid 8-stories seismic proof building which lets students study at ease.

2. Shinjuku Language Institute

6 month course = 435,000¥

Second school on the list is Shinjuku Language Institute (SNG for short which means Shinjuku Nihongo Gakko in Japanese). Established in 1975, it is one of the oldest and most famous schools in Tokyo. 

SNG is known for its unique teaching style known as the Ezoe Teaching Method which consists of using cards and gestures to make it easier and quicker for students to learn Japanese grammar. After using this method for over 40 years, it has proven to be effective for improving international students' level of speaking, listening, reading and writing Japanese.

One of the unique features that this school offers is their special courses. They offer 3 different courses: Tourism Business, Business Japanese, and Teacher Training. Those who have N3 level or higher would benefit from these courses since they can choose a specific area to focus on, and then specialize in that specific area for their future careers. 


3. Akamonkai Japanese Language School

6 month course = 428,800¥

Next one on our list is the Akamonkai Japanese Language School. Established in 1988, they’ve educated more than 20,000 students from 80 different countries. 

Akamonkai has an extensive list of courses that suits the students’ needs at a cheap price, from university preparatory classes to internship & job support classes. This was made possible as the school has teachers who are specialized in each field at their disposal. They also have years of experience in providing and advising students in guiding them on their future career path in Japan.  

If you are serious about wanting to master the language at a faster rate, to potentially aim for higher education or employment in Japan, and to look for a course that has a high-paced structure, then Akamonkai is the right one for you. With their rigid and strict, but effective teaching system, you would be spending most of your time outside of class completing homework and reviewing class material so that you can keep up with the high pace classes.

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4. Japanese Tokyo International School

6 month course = 421,800¥

Next cheapest school on the list is Japanese Tokyo International School. As the name states, Japanese Tokyo International School is a hot spot for students from all over the world who are brought together by their love of the Japanese language and culture. 

JTIL’s aim is to help students reach their goals, not only in terms of the Japanese language, but also by helping them become global citizens; to build a bridge that connects the local Japanese people with the world. They do this by organizing intercultural events and field trips so that students acquire an understanding of Japanese culture and customs. 

On top of that, JTIL offers great support for those who wish to prepare themselves for the EJU (Examination of Japanese University) and study at a university in Japan or for those who would like to find employment after completing a course.

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5. ALA Academy Language of Arts

6 month course = 406,000¥

Our last and cheapest school on our list, ALA Academy Language Arts has been offering lessons to students from 30 different countries from around the world since 2009. 

Their main objective is to provide Japanese classes that focus on the different types of spoken Japanese that are essential for all sorts of situations such as survival, business, higher education, and more.

Likewise, they have small classes, with an average of 12 students per class. This is perfect for students as you would get a great deal of the teacher’s attention, you would have plenty of opportunities to practice and speak Japanese, and it is easier for the teacher to take care of each student and address any problem or difficulty that each student would go through.

Choose the Right Japanese Language School

This article is part of our guides on finding the right Japanese language school in Tokyo. We have create a directory of around 15 - 20 schools and we give you the details on who is the right person for that school and feature reviews from students as well.

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