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About Asuka Gakuin Language Institute

At Asuka Gakuin Language Institute, you don't just learn Japanese, you also learn about the country, the culture, and the people behind it. Located outside of Tokyo in the port town of Yokohama, Asuka Gakuin has been continuing the history of the silk road by revealing the secrets and beauties of the Japanese language to the rest of the world. They comprehensively cover the language so that their students may go on to live happy and independent lives in Japan.

Information updated on 2020/2/19

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This is the ideal school if you are looking for

  • Helpful Staff

    Staff are willing to help students out with any matter, whether it be school-related or not

  • Great Location

    lower local prices and rent thanks to being located outside of Tokyo and in close proximity to Chinatown

  • Employment

    Support for finding part-time employment in Tokyo or throughout Japan

  • Class intensity

    High-intensive courses

  • Accommodation

    Offers student accommodation in Tokyo


Japanese Course Style

Focus is on teaching students an overview of the Japanese language, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, and the culture behind it.

Lesson Focus

40% of lesson time is focused on improving communication skills and personal expression

30% of lesson time is focused on expanding grammar and vocabulary

15% of lesson time is focused on optimizing reading, writing, and listening skills

15% of lesson time is focused on JLPT preparation


Askua Gakuin Language Institute Campus

1-36 Hinodecho

Yokohama, Kanagawa

Opening hours: 9AM-6PM



Hindecho Station

  • KK Keikyu Main Line

Course Information

Long-term Study
Short-Term Study

Those who are interested in studying and living in Tokyo for more than 3 months, the school will sponsor you a student visa in order to go through the application process. The school reviews your documents and will apply for the visa to the Immigration Bureau as your proxy.


Preparatory Course


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Long-Term Study Courses

Preparatory Course

This course in Asuka Gakuin Language Institute comprehensively covers the grammatical structures of Japanese to ensure a mastery by college-bound students of the 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) required at institutes of higher education in Japan. This is a high intensive course, meaning that students improve their Japanese at a faster rate than the average, ensuring a high quality experience in Tokyo and Japan

12 months - 858,030¥ (Total amount)

15 months - 1,009,620¥ (Total amount)

21 months - 1,161,240¥(Total amount)

24 months - 1,312,860¥ (Total amount)

January, April, July & October.

Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays)

Mornings - 9:30-12:45

Afternoon - 13:15 - 16:30

Course hours: 20h/week

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa

You may choose whether you want to attend morning or afternoon classes

Short-Term Study Courses

Short Term Course

This course at Asuka Gakuin Language Institute lets students learn practical Japanese that is used in everyday life, with content ranging from improving grammar and vocabulary to understanding the Japanese lifestyle. This is a medium intensive course, meaning that students improve their Japanese at a moderate rate that allows for free time to practice content out in Tokyo or the rest of Japan.

3 months - 126,000¥ (Total amount)

January, April, July & October.

Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays)

Mornings - 9:30-12:45

Course hours: 4-12h/week depending on placement

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa

Days attended can vary depending on your placement

Course Cost Breakdown

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Preparatiry Course

15 months 858,030¥
18 months 1,009,620¥
21 months 1,161,240¥
24 months 1,312,860¥

Short-term Course

3 months 126,000¥

Reviews - Asuka Gakuin Language Institute


"Experienced teachers will support students who wish to enter university. We will give you various advice such as precautions during interviews."

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