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By Lauren Sodabanh | Updated December 17, 2020

This article serves as a guide on Japanese Courses in Tokyo for all levels. This article is a part of our extensive list of Japanese Schools in Tokyo.

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Planning to take a course in Tokyo and don’t know where to start? Worried about how to get a visa for studying in Japan? You’re in luck! Many of the schools listed in this article welcome foreigners and help you through the long visa process! 

There is a huge variety of Japanese courses in Tokyo to choose from ranging in subjects like General Japanese Language, to courses about Kimonos and Manga. Searching for a course that works with your schedule, budget, and needs can be difficult especially when there are so many to choose from. 

Looking for something else besides Japanese Language courses? This guide also includes fun courses you probably didn’t know existed! Interested in learning about the art of Japanese Manga, or looking to take a cooking class to make authentic Japanese dishes? At the end of this article, you’ll be able to find the Top Best Miscellaneous Courses that might pique your interest. Keep reading to learn more! 

This guide compiles the Top Japanese Courses in Tokyo for you based on budget, flexibility, courses offered, and special add-ons. If you are looking for short term Japanese Lessons, check out our Top 10 Japanese Lessons in Tokyo article! 

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    Helpful Information to Know About Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Different Subjects to Choose From

    As mentioned previously, there are a lot of different Japanese courses on subjects you didn’t even think would have courses available! For the general Japanese Courses, those are widely available all throughout Japan and each school may differ depending on whether they have specific programs embedded into having them study in Japan or whether they have regular courses available for people who are already in Japan. Regardless, this guide will help you in choosing the right course for you and may even pique your interest in some courses on Japanese culture!

    Visa Sponsorship

    Some language schools that offer Japanese courses have visa sponsorship for foreigners who are looking to study in Japan while others may not. These schools make studying abroad much easier for foreigners as they facilitate visa sponsorship, housing, and accommodations during your stay in Japan! Throughout the article, I will mention whether a school specifically offers these resources! I recommend going with these schools if your unfamiliar with Japan and need some peace of mind as you plan your study experience there. 


    However, if you are already in Japan for a period of time and are looking for courses without visa sponsorship, this is also a great resource for you! Some of the language schools that are listed here do not offer visa sponsorship and might be a great choice for you if you’re already in Tokyo.

    Time Committment

    Most Japanese courses run for a couple of months. Language schools in Tokyo will often run for a minimum of 3 to 6 months and long term options as well! Most courses run from Monday-Friday but may be flexible in the hours that you do! Many schools will give you the option to choose between evening or daytime courses. If you feel like you can’t commit to the longer course hours, try checking out hourly lessons in Tokyo!

    Short Term Courses/Lessons in Tokyo

    Japanese Courses in Tokyo



    Affordable Online and Offline Morning Lessons in Tokyo

    In addition to providing great content at BFF Tokyo, we also provide good and affordable Japanese lessons


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    Japan Switch

    Japan Switch is an affordable, Japanese Language School that offers courses at competitively low prices! Unlike most schools, they do not require you to sign a long-term contract or pay an enrollment fee for your courses. If you’re a teacher, freelancer, or spouse looking for short-term courses that teach you conversational and practical Japanese, this is the school for you! 

    They offer both private and group lessons which give you the freedom to choose how you prefer to learn. Japan Switch also offers both on-site and online classes which allow you to choose where you want to learn Japanese. These lessons are perfect for people who have busy schedules and are interested in learning Japanese in a convenient manner. 

    The best part about the courses is that you are helped by teachers who are passionate and very accommodating based on your level and goals that you want to achieve out of your courses. The difference between other courses and Japan Switch is that the course will be tailored to you and the group you are in (depending on if you choose group lessons).

    The textbooks also allow you to develop the conversational skills of a native speaker. The modules in the book cover daily scenarios and conversations that prepare you for real-life conversations with Japanese natives. 

    To learn more about Japan Switch and what lessons they have to offer, check out their website


    All courses are 3,300 Yen!



    Short Term Intensive Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Coto Academy

    Coto Academy offers intensive Japanese Courses in Tokyo. They have 6 different courses for each level of Japanese starting from Beginner to Advanced. Courses are in small groups of 8, which allow students to be able to learn Kanji, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, and Speaking much easier. If you are looking for an intensive, short term course with a small group of people, this is the course for you!


    Many of their courses range from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the level of the course. The skills that you learn throughout each course are listed on their website. For beginner courses, you work a lot on things that will be important for daily life and holding conversations with other people. Intermediate courses teach you public speaking, interview skills, participating in discussions, etc. Advanced courses cover more abstract content and work on practicing conversations, speeches, and debates. 


    Coto Academy also offers a 4-week crash course on Japanese. This is a great short term alternative if you are looking to learn Japanese but not commit to a long-term course. In the 4 week course you are taught the basics of Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, basic Kanji, introductions, ordering, asking, and opinions. 



    Coto Academy prices their intensive courses by the week. This applies to all levels of Japanese, including the Crash course. 


    1 week - 35,000 Yen

    4 Weeks - 120,000 Yen

    3 Months - 324,000 Yen

    6 Months - 576,000 Yen


    For more information about Coto Academy’s Intensive Japanese Courses, check out their website



    Visa Sponsored Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Genki Japanese Language School

    Genki Japanese Language School offers a variety of courses with different study goals and interests. Along with Core Japanese Courses, they have a lot of “Plus” modules of different subjects that you can add-on such as Plus Conversation, Plus Traditional Culture, and Plus Pop Culture. 


    Genki also has some cool packages for students who are looking for courses embedded with a program. One of their packages GenkiLINK is a 10-month student visa course where students can interact with Japanese high school students in activities like volunteer work, hosted game nights, sports clubs, and more! This is an awesome way to make Japanese friends!


    Another package that Genki offers is nextGEN which is a summer program at their Japanese and Culture School which combines the most fun Traditional Culture and Pop Culture activities that are offered in those courses. This is a highly recommended course for younger students who are interested in Japanese culture! 



    There are a couple of fees associated with each course you decide to take. There is a Registration Fee of 11,000 Yen, a Materials/Books Fee for 11,000 Yen, and an Accommodation in Tokyo Placement Fee which is 20,000 Yen. 


    Courses are 33,000 Yen each while the “Plus” modules are 10,000 Yen each. For more information on the fees associated with accommodations or prices in general, check out their website



    Yoshida Language School

    Yoshida Language School in Tokyo offers many different courses ranging from short term to intensive short or long term courses. All courses cater to all levels of Japanese. Intensive courses are generally three months and can either be in the morning or afternoon. As a full-time student, you are able to completely master Japanese and practice your Japanese daily. 


    Long-Term study options require a student visa which is something that Yoshida will help you out with! This study option is for 2 or more terms (6 months), and has a general and college preparatory course! This is the perfect course for you if you're looking for a school that has a long-term program and helps you through the visa process.


    Short-Term study options also require a student visa. However, depending on the amount of time you plan to stay in Japan, you could get by with a temporary visa! Yoshida can also help you sort this process out since the visa process can get very tedious! 



    Yoshida divides its prices based on the course. 

    Full-Time course prices are as follows…


    I Application - 25,000 Yen 

    II Admission (Registration) - 65,000 Yen

    III Tuition (2 Terms- 6 Months) 330,000 Yen

    IV Educational Operations - 45,000 Yen 


    Short-Term course prices are as follows….

    I Admission - 9,000 Yen

    II Tuition (One-Term) - 165,000 Yen


    Admission fees include extracurricular activities, facilities, and textbooks. 


    For more information on their pricing, check out their website



    JLPT Courses in Tokyo

    Shibuya Gaigo Gakuen

    Shibuya Gaigo Gakuen offers both in-person and online courses. They offer a variety of in-person courses: Student Visa Course, Short-Term Course, Summer Course, JLPT Course, and Private Course. All courses accommodate all levels of Japanese. This school is equipped to help out their students immerse themselves in Japanese culture by helping them in the process of getting a student visa. 


    They facilitate the process by allowing their enrollment to be done online rather than taking the extra time and effort to mail in the materials that are necessary for a visa. People who already have Japanese visas are also warmly welcomed to take these courses as well! 


    A great perk about this school is that it can accommodate students from different countries which means you are able to make friends from different backgrounds and cultures! They also offer field trips throughout the year that students will have to sign up for. Some of these field trips include going to a matsuri (summer festival) and seeing hanabi (fireworks). So if you're someone who is looking to get a student visa and meet students from different countries, this course is for you!


    However, if you are looking for a more personalized curriculum rather than a structured one, the private course might be your best pick! The course itself is tailored and developed based on your needs with full attention from the teacher. It also allows you to learn subjects that most matter to you so that you can reach the goals you set for yourself at your own pace. 


    Many courses have their own application deadlines, admission periods, and class periods so make sure to check out the details for each course before committing! 


    To learn more about the courses that they offer and the curriculums for each, check out their website



    Pricing differs depending on the course you plan on taking! Check out the website for exact details on the prices.



    Naganuma Language School

    Naganuma Language School in Tokyo offers general Japanese courses, Business Japanese Courses, Summer Courses, and a JLPT Prep Program. All courses cater to all levels of Japanese and are typically 5 days per week. You can have the option for either morning or afternoon classes. They also have visa assistance for those who need a visa before studying in Japan. However, the process can be lengthy so it is recommended to plan 6 months beforehand to make sure you can get one. 


    For beginners, the general and summer courses would be the most suitable for learning Japanese. Classes are generally about 10-17 students and run from 9 am-6 pm as it includes extracurricular activities. 


    Their JLPT Course is tailored for those who are looking to obtain a N1 or N2 level of the Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT).  These courses are for those who have an intermediate to advanced level of Japanese before taking the course. The class is twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 45 minutes each. Each class has a minimum of 5 students. Mock exams are also included in the course to measure your progress and prepare for the real exam. This course is ideal for you if you're looking to take this course and need help with getting a student visa.


    For more information on their enrollment schedule or details on the courses themselves, please visit their website



    Prices differ depending on the courses you decide to take and the length of the program. To see the listings of the prices and the fees associated with each course, check out their website.




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    Tyson Batino

    Tyson is the director and a co-founder of Japan Switch and One Coin English. He has spent 15 years in Japan and achieved N1 in just 3.5 years. Listen in as he shares his tips to becoming successful.


    Colten Nahrebesk

    Colten is the owner of Risu Press. He spent 6 years working in various industries in Japan and achieved N2. Tune in to hear more about his experiences and advice for living in Japan.

    Top Business Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Business Courses | Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Akamonkai Japanese Language School

    Akamonkai Japanese Language School in Tokyo has a robust business course where students are able to obtain study abroad visas, develop high-level Japanese language skills, and study Japanese business etiquette. The school prides itself on its 90% employment rate after taking this course! 


    There are some requirements for the Business course at Akamonkai. You have to have a level of N2 or over in Japanese and you have to be graduating from a four-year university outside of Japan. You are also required to take a Japanese language proficiency test after entering Japan. If you meet these requirements and are looking to gain business knowledge and technical skills, this is the course for you!


    The curriculum for the class is broken up into 3 different modules: Comprehensive Japanese Language, Business Japanese, and Business IT. In these modules, you will improve your reading, listening, writing, and speaking, learn Japanese business customs, and gain basic usage skills in Japanese versions of important Microsoft Office software. 


    The duration of the course can be from 6 months to a year, depending on the level of Japanese that you want to acquire from this program. Class hours are from 9:00 am-12:30 pm and are from Monday to Friday. 



    The fees for this course are as listed below…


    Screening Fee - 20,000 Yen

    Enrollment Fee - 68,000 Yen

    Class Fee - 730,000 Yen

    Facility Fee - 40,000 Yen

    Special Class Support Fee - 80,000 Yen

    Total - 938,000 Yen



    KAI Language School

    KAI Language School in Tokyo offers 2 different Business Courses: NBJ Business Japanese Program and Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients. This is an ideal course for someone with an N2 Level of Japanese and is looking for a business course where they can make many friends from different countries!


    The NBJ Business Japanese Program is a general Japanese business course tailored for those who have an N2 JLPT Level of Japanese. The students who take this course are often looking to get a full-time job in Japan, are interested in business Japanese, want to work using Japanese in their home country, or are already working in Japan. KAI prides its school on a wide range of cultural diversity as they have had students from over 16 different countries apply for this business course. The employment rate of their students is 89%, and the fields of employment range from IT to Education. 


    The curriculum of the NBJ Business Japanese course itself involves mock interviews, Japanese mannerisms and business etiquette, communication amongst colleagues, collaboration projects with Japanese locals outside of KAI, and a prep and practice module that allows students to practice what they learned in a business setting. 


    Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients is a course that focuses on building Japanese communication skills for foreign employees to create interpersonal relationships within the company. This is a high-value course for those who are planning to have a job in Japan and are looking to obtain the skills to communicate and build relationships with their coworkers most effectively. These courses can even be tailored for those interested in either Office Lessons or Staff Training in certain fields. For more information on their business program, please visit their website



    In order to get the pricing for these courses, you will have to contact KAI through a form located on their website


    If you’re looking for more options in Tokyo for Business courses, check out our article on the Top 5 Japanese Business courses in Tokyo.



    Top Miscellaneous Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Kanji Course | Japanese Courses in Tokyo
    Japanese Cooking | Japanese Courses in Tokyo
    Japanese Kimono Course | Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Speaking and Manga Course

    Take Me to Japan offers a variety of courses on top of their general, intensive Japanese Language courses. The best part about this school is that they are willing to personalize a lot of their courses to tailor to their student’s interests and needs! This course is ideal for you if you love Japanese manga, want to sharpen your Japanese conversation skills, and have a beginner level of Japanese!


    The school also offers interesting courses like Japanese Cooking, Tea Ceremony, and Study+Culture. All of these courses are short-term, and begin in January, March, July, or October, leaving you plenty of months to choose from! They are pretty flexible courses since you are able to choose how long you want the course to be which could range from 1-3 months. The great part about these classes? They’re open for beginners! 



    Since you’re in Japan, why not take the opportunity to learn Japanese AND experience an interesting aspect of Japanese culture? These courses are inexpensive ways to learn more about Japanese culture and pick up conversational Japanese at the same time. Each course differs in price. However, prices range from 139,000 Yen to 164,000 Yen for 1-month courses! If you’re looking for the exact pricing of a specific course, check out their website for their pricing.

    Japanese Culture Lovers Course

    We Japanese Language School in Tokyo's Japanese Culture Lovers Course focuses more on analyzing cultural texts to learn more about Japanese perspectives through reading and discussing them. This course is a great way for you to develop debating skills in Japanese. The topics of the course can range from subjects like food to shopping and events. You’ll notice that during this course you’ll not only use daily phrases and vocabulary but develop effective communication skills to get your opinions and ideas across. 


    The school also offers a Kanji Mastering course, where you’re able to learn about the structure of Kanji, how to properly write and study it most effectively. The fee for this course is 75,000 Yen for 15 lessons. Each lesson is 80 minutes. 



    The Japanese Culture Lovers course itself is 45,000 Yen for one-on-one lessons and 37,500 Yen for group lessons. Each course comes with 15 lessons and is 40 minutes per one-on-one lessons and 55 minutes per group lesson. 

    Animal Crossing Course

    Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin offers a variety of online courses on interesting topics such as Japanese Comedy, Friends Conversation, Japanese Seasonal Events and Food, and even an Animal Crossing course! This is an ideal course for you if you play Animal Crossing, have an N4 level of Japanese, and want to improve your conversation skills! 


    Each lesson in this course is 60 minutes and there are 5 lessons where you casually speak Japanese to 4-6 other students in the course through Discord. The best part about the course if you're able to meet each other in the game rather than in person. You have an option of either morning or afternoon classes.


    A great part about this school is that they take student feedback and create courses based on their interests. Therefore, there will be new courses every couple of months and the topics may differ depending on the time you apply! Check out their website to see the variety of courses they are offering now. 



    For these courses, there is no enrollment fee. All courses are 2000 Yen (+Tax) every hour!

    Japanese Cooking Course

    Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School offers special subject courses ranging from topics like Japan Society and Japan TC Media to Cooking Japanese Food. They name these types of courses 'Optional Subject Courses', tailored for Over Intermediate-Level Japanese. These courses are created based on student interest surveys which provide insight into what interests their students the most. This is a great alternative if you are looking for fun weekday courses that last for 3 months


    The Japanese Cooking course teaches you the fundamentals of Japanese cooking and the ingredients that go into almost every Japanese dish. The best part is being able to eat and conversate with your classmates in Japanese! 


    While the range of topics may diversify every year through students' input in their interests, some of the courses they have already implemented are Pronunciation, Japanese Culture Kimono, Kansai Dialect, Sado, Ikebana, and more! 



    Pricing is divided based on whether you plan to be a long term student or a short term student. The fees associated with both options are as follows…


    Registration fee - 20,000 Yen

    Entrance fee - 60,000 Yen 

    Tuition (6 months) - 360,000 Yen

    Tution (10 weeks) - 195,000 Yen

    Tuition (6 weeks) - 140,000 Yen 

    Job Finding Course

    ISI Takadanobaba Language School in Tokyo has three different locations throughout Japan: Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto. While they do specialize in their general language course, one of the courses I wanted to highlight was their Job Finding Course. This course is available only to students who can enroll for an entire term. 


    This is an amazing course if you’re looking to go into the workforce in Japan. The course itself prepares students for their job search by helping them write resumes, practice interviews in Japanese, and improve their presentation skills. They not only help you develop your skills but also provide you with opportunities to go on company tours and information sessions as well. 


    The requirements for enrollment are that you need to have an Intermediate III level of Japanese or higher and you must be graduating from a 2 year or 4-year university in your home country. There are 2 class periods each school day from Monday-Friday. There could be up to 20 students in each class. 


    To learn more about their courses and the Job Finding course, visit their website



    The pricing for each location and duration of the program varies. To see their full list of prices, check out their pricing fees

    Final Remarks | Japanese Courses in Tokyo

    Finding the right school that works with your schedule, needs, and goals for studying in Tokyo is difficult especially when you have so many options to choose from! Hopefully, this guide served its purpose in helping you find the perfect fit for you. I also hoped it piqued your interest in some of the fun, miscellaneous courses that are happening in Tokyo! 


    If you’re looking for more schools in Tokyo to research, check out this super resourceful guide to Japanese Schools in Tokyo! This guide covers a lot of reputable schools in Tokyo! Give it a look if you’re still unsure what school to study with. 

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