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About ISI Takadanobaba

ISI Group has been providing high quality lessons throughout the whole of Japan since 1992. They have campuses in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano.

ISI Takadanobaba is based in the area where there are many well-known educational institutions such as Waseda University and Gakuin University, and where the first most famous manga hero character, Astro Boy, was "born".

Accommodating over 1,300 students from around world, ISI Takadanobaba is the biggest school within the ISI Group, and offers a variety of 40 different levels from complete beginners to advance. 

Information updated on 2020/2/05

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This is the ideal school if you are looking for

  • Variety of Levels

    Beginners, intermediate & advance

  • Flexible Elective Classes

    Variety of elective classes that focuses on JLPT/EJU preparation, university, graduate school & employment

  • Univeristy

    Preparation for entering into top universities in throughout the country

  • Employment

    Support for  finding full-time/part-time employment in Tokyo or throughout Japan

  • Class intensity

    High-intensive courses

  • Accommodation

    Offers student accommodation in Tokyo (Weekly Apartments, Student House, Homestay and Guest House)

"All the staff are very attentive and courteous, and the teachers care about the students a lot. I'm really enjoying my experience with this school."-Satisfied Student


Japanese Course Style

Focus is on entering Japanese university and passing the JLPT test and EJU, so more lessons are focused on test preparation than speaking.

Lesson Focus

80% of lesson time is focused on test preparation and grammar revision.

20% of lesson time is focused on conversation skills.



ISI Takadanobaba Campus

2 Chome-14-19 Takadanobaba,

Shinjuku City, Tokyo 169-0075

Opening Hours: 8:30AM - 5:30PM



Nippori Station

  • JR Yamanote Line
  • Tozai Line

Course Information

Long-term Study
Short-Term Study

Those who are interested in studying and living in Tokyo for more than 3 months, the school will sponsor you a student visa in order to go through the application process. The school reviews your documents and will apply for the visa to the Immigration Bureau as your proxy.


General course

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Long-Term Study Courses

General Course

This course in ISI Takadanobaba consists of standard lessons, JLPT, EJU and cultural activities throughout the year. This is a high intensive course, meaning that students improve their Japanese at a faster rate than the average.

12 months - 849,000¥ (Total amount)

18 months - 1,181,150¥(Total amount)

24 months - 1,569,000¥ (Total amount)

January, April, July & October.

Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays)

Mornings - 8:50-12:00

Afternoon - 13:00 - 16:10

Course hours: 20h/week

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Depending on your level of Japanese, you would have classes either in the mornings or in the afternoons

Short-Term Study Courses

General Course

This course in ISI Takadababa consist of standard lessons, JLPT, EJU and cultural activities throughout the year. This is a high intensive course, meaning that students improve their Japanese at a faster rate than the average.

3 months - 201,500¥ (Total amount)

Every month.

Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays)

Mornings - 8:50-12:00

Afternoon - 13:00 - 16:10

Course hours: 20h/week

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Satisfied Student

"I'm satisfied with teachers and their lessons. Time went so fast and classes were really interesting. The school is easy to find and to get to since it's close from train station. You also can find many konbini, so you won't have any problem if you need something. Facilities are clean and in good condition."

Course Cost Breakdown

Genral Course (Long-Term)

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6 months 450,000¥
12 months 823,000¥
18 months 1,181,150¥
24 months 1,569,000¥

Genral Course (Short-Term)

3 months 201,500¥

Reviews - Akamonkai Language School

Google Review

"This is a best place to start or continue your Japanese studies. Teacher are best and helping to your future plans(university, vocational school or shūshoku). Facilities are quietly comfortable."

Facebook Review

"Thank you ISI Takadanobaba for one year of studying, I really had a lot of fun studying Japanese at this campus and I will do recommend this school to my friends or family who wish to learn Japanese."

Language Course

"My course was very short, but I really liked the support of the reception and other staff of the school. They were really friendly and ready to provide me all lesson material and answer my questions. Lesson material (vocabulary) were provided in my native language, that's very nice and helpful. I also liked that the teachers were able to explain difficult things in easy Japanese. 

Insider tips about what future students should not miss!
You can reach the school not only via Takadanobaba, but also via Fukutoshin-line (Nishi-Waseda station) and then 10 min on foot."

Want to apply to ISI Takadanobaba?

You can apply directly through their website.

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